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Bundori is the second published work by Laura Joh Rowland and the second entry in the Sano Ichirō series. It was originally published in 1996 by Random House.


"In the misty streets and alleys of Edo, Japan's feudal capital, a serial killer lurks. Each victim is rendered up as a severed head, nailed to a plank, offered for public display as a bundori: a war trophy in samurai military tradition. Detective Sano Ichiro, newly promoted to the new position as the shogun's Most Honorable Investigator, tries valiantly to follow Bushido—the Way of the Warrior—as he strives to bring the killer to justice. Will his attempts be foiled by the villainous Chamberlain Yanagisawa? Or will he succeed through the help of the beautiful and mysterious Aoi, a mystic trained in the ninja arts? As it becomes obvious that the killer is one of three powerful men, Sano must reconcile his noble heritage with his duty to the shogun. Will trapping the murderer lead to prestige and glory for Sano... or disgrace and forced ritual suicide?"[1]


"In memory of my grandparents:

Day Hung and Susanna Joh
Gow Sing and Quon Gin Lee"


Rowland thanks the following people for contributing to the making of Bundori: Pamela Gray Ahern, Marie Goodwin, John McGhee, Graig Nelson, and David Rosenthal.


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  • The prologue can be read for free on Rowland's official website.[2]


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