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Ichirō Sano is the main protagonist of the Sano Ichirō series. Originally a yoriki, Sano became Shōgun Tokugawa Tsunayoshi's sosakan after saving his life from a group of assassins. He is the second-in-command to Shogun Tokugawa Ienobu.

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He likes to chase down lost or obscure facts. His search for the truth often led him into conflict with Bushido.

Fashion is not important to Sano but in order to represent his status he is obligated to wear whatever is in style at the moment.

Biography Edit

Sano is the only son of Sano Shutarō and Sano Etsuko. He was born and raised in Nihonbashi.

He worked as a tutor and history scholar. He lived together with his parents and Hana, his mother's maid, near the dojo where is father taught martial arts. He became a yoriki through his benefactor Katsuragawa Shundai.

His new post as a yoriki did not satisfy Sano very much as it was mainly paper-work with no challenge. He feared he would become like his colleges: arrogant, self-obsessed samurai who cared more about appearances than doing their job. Due to his lower class background and general outsider status, Sano often faced disdain or hostility whenever he was around his comrades.

When he was assigned to handle the shinju of a noble woman - Yukiko Niu - and a commoner by Ogyu Banzan he decided to trust his instincts rather then follow the orders given by the Magistrate.

Upon going to Edo Jail to find out more he met Genboku Ito, a former imperial physician now confined to Edo Jail for studying foreign sciences. Together they discovered that at least the commoner Noriyoshi was already dead before his body was deposited in the river Sumida.

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