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Kikunojo is an onnagata, a type of actor that specialized in playing woman's roles. He was a suspect in Noriyoshi and Niu Yukiko's murders.

Physical description[]

Tall and slender, Kikunojo had a well-muscled body that was usually hidden underneath cotten pads and layers of kimono cloth. Well over his thirties and generally nondescript, he could nevertheless easily be mistaken as a woman while wearing a costume.


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Kikunojo was born during the second year of the Manji Era. He became famous for his flawless portayals of female characters, earning him many fans and admirers.

Much like his profession's reputation, Kikunojo took up a married woman for a lover. When Noriyoshi found out about the affair, Kikunojo had to pay the artist for his silence.

Sometime during the eleventh month of the first year of the Genroku era, Kikunojo got fed up with paying Noriyoshi. Despite the danger, Kikunojo told the artist in no uncertain terms that he would stop handing over cash, stating that it would be his word against Noriyoshi's. The artist must have taken Kikunojo's words to heart, for the actor did not hear anything further from Noriyoshi, nor did he or his mistress get in trouble for seeing each other.

He worked at the Nakamura-za, portraying Princess Taema from Narukami when Sano Ichirō approached him.


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