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Lady Niu was the second wife of Niu Masamune and mother of Niu Masahito. She also controlled the education of Yukiko, Midori and Keiko who where daughters of a concubine and Lord Niu.

She was a dominant person, who ruled the Niu yashiki in absence of her husband. This was very uncommon for noble woman who tended to live secluded in the women quarters. With the help of her man-servant Eii she governed the household with a strong hand.

Lady Niu was a striking figure with her broad and straight body, like a man's, from the neck up, she had an arresting classical beauty. Her face was an elongated oval with smooth, youthful skin, a slender nose, long, narrow eyes, and a delicate small mouth vivid with scarlet paint. Her black hair, swept back from her forehead into an elaborate chignon fastened with lacquer combs, showed no gray.

But her erect posture and confident air suggested maturity. Her hands showed a smallness and daintiness belying the aura of power she exuded. Lady Niu was a fascinating study in contrasts: a woman whose appearance combined beauty with strength, who radiated femininity but did not let convention shut her away from the world.