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Laura Joh Rowland is a historical, mystery writer. She is most well known for authoring the Sano Ichirō series.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

She was born in 1954 in Michigan and is the granddaughter of Chinese and Korean immigrants. She studied at the University of Michigan microbiology before becoming an author.

Bibliography Edit

Sano Ichiro Edit

Main article: Sano Ichirō (series)
  1. Shinjū (1994)
  2. Bundori (1996)
  3. The Way of the Traitor (1997)
  4. The Concubine's Tattoo (1998)
  5. The Samurai's Wife (2000)
  6. Black Lotus (2001)
  7. The Pillow Book of Lady Wisteria (2002)
  8. The Dragon King's Palace (2003)
  9. The Perfumed Sleeve (2004)
  10. The Assassin's Touch (2005)
  11. Red Chrysanthemum (2006)
  12. The Snow Empress (2007)
  13. The Fire Kimono (2008)
  14. The Cloud Pavilion (2009)
  15. The Ronin's Mistress (2011)
  16. The Incense Game (2012)
  17. The Shogun's Daughter (2013)
  18. The Iris Fan (2014)

Charlotte Bronte Edit

Main article: Charlotte Brontë (series)
  1. The Secret Adventures of Charlotte Brontë (2008)
  2. Bedlam: The Further Secret Adventures of Charlotte Brontë (2010)

Sarah Bain Edit

Main article: Sarah Bain (series)
  1. The Ripper's Shadow (2017)
  2. A Mortal Likeness (2018)
  3. The Hangman's Secret (2019)

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