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Okubata is the owner of Okubata Fine Arts Company in Yoshiwara and was the boss of Noriyoshi. One of his nicknames is Cherry Eater due to a birthmark, but the name had a second, lewder meaning.

Physical Description Edit

He was a man of quite astonishing ugliness. His most prominent feature, a large purplish-red birthmark, spilled across his upper lip, over his mouth, and down his chin. Hair sprouted from his nostrils. Smallpox scars pitted his skin. Protuberant eyes gave him the appearance of an insect, perhaps a mantis. This resemblance was strengthened by his stooped shoulders and by the way he rubbed his bony hands together.

Personality Edit

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Biography Edit

Shinjū Edit

When questioned by Sano Ichirō he did not tell the truth about everything. Sano could deduct this from the way he shifted his feet, when lying. It appeared that he had strong intentions to hinder Sano on his investigations.

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