Sano Reiko is a freelance detective and the wife of Sano Ichirō. She is the only daughter of Magistrate Ueda. Her children are Sano Masahiro and Sano Akiko.

Physical description Edit

Reiko is short with a slender build. She has black, petal shaped eyes set within an oval face. Upon marrying Sano, she has her teeth dyed black. Her long, glossy black hair is usually done up in the mature style reserved for married women.

Personality Edit

Determined and headstrong, Reiko has a strong sense of justice and morality.

Biography Edit

Born in the tenth year of the Kanbun era, Reiko is the only child of Magistrate Ueda. Her mother died in childbirth. She grew up in Edo and was raised on her father's estate.

Skills Edit

As a women living in feudal Japan, Reiko is able to go places that Sano cannot. People that would usually be intimidated by a high ranking samurai like Sano would be more comfortable around someone like Reiko.

Reiko is well educated in the art of swordplay. She usually keeps a dagger strapped to her left arm, and is able to wield it efficiently.

Relationships Edit

Sano Ichirō Edit

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Sano Masahiro Edit

While she adores both of her children, Reiko admits that Masahiro holds a special place in her heart.

Sano Akiko Edit

Reiko's relationship with Akiko got off to a rocky start.

Magistrate Ueda Edit

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Sano Etsuko Edit

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