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The Battle of Okehazama was a defining battle between the warlords Oda Nobunaga and Imagawa Yoshimoto, two lead Japanese warlords of Japan's Sengoku period. In Bundori, the Bundori killer imagines this conflict within his mind as he goes to kill his prey, Kaibara Toju.

The Conflict Edit

The battle took place in June 1560.  Imagawa had made advances into Oda's territory and took control of two of Oda's fortresses before stopping to make base camp in a wooden gorge.  Spies relayed this information to Oda, who then led his forces to the nearby Zenshoji temple.  Oda then split his force in two, leaving a small amount of soldiers behind at the temple with many banners to give the impression that his main force was residing there, and took the rest of the force to the rear of Imagawa's army.  The soldiers were drinking and celebrating and an attack was not expected.  After an afternoon rainstorm, Oda's forces attacked.  Imagawa came out of his tent and ordered his men to attack, but by then the order came too late.  Imagawa managed to deflect one attack against him, but was beheaded by another.  This was a decisive victory for Oda and established him as one of the great warlords of his generation.