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The Conspiracy of Twenty One was an organization of samurai lords brought together by Niu Masahito in to bring down the Tokugawa shogunate and seize control of Japan. He made all of the participants in the conspiracy sign the scroll upon which they wrote the agreement with blood. Sano Ichirō managed to uncover the plot in time to warn Lady Niu that her son was about to commit treason against the shogun. Once Lady Niu discovered the pact, she agreed to go with Sano to confess all to the shogun, but instead committed jigai, the female form of ritual suicide, with the help of her attendant, Eii. She did leave a suicide note behind, telling her son that she hoped Sano would catch him before he could commit this act of treachery. Sano was able to make it to Yoshiwara where the attack was due to take place during the New Year's celebrations and was able to prevent an attack on the shogun and save his life. During the course of the battle, he was able to kill Masahito and save the shogun from assassination, also ending the Conspiracy of Twenty One.

Plot Edit

Shinjū Edit

The Conspiracy was not found until Sano investigated further into the shinju case.

The Pact Edit

"We whose names appear here, signed in our own blood, commit our lives to the overthrow of the Tokugawas. Death to Tokugawa Tsunayoshi. Victory and honor to our clans, the rightful rulers of the land."

Members Edit

  • Niu Masahito
  • Maeda Yoshiaki
  • Hosokowa Tadanao
  • Kuroda Nagakira
  • Asano Naokatsu
  • Nabeshima Yorifusa
  • Todo Yoshihiro
  • Hachisuka Sadao
  • Satake Masatoshi
  • Uyesugi Tadateru
  • Ii Masanori
  • Date Takatora
  • Hosokawa Tadao
  • Kuroda Nagamura
  • Mori Kagekatsu
  • Todo Yoshinobu
  • Ikeda Hirotaka
  • Yamanouchi Hidenari
  • Arima Iyehisa
  • Uyesugi Tadasato
  • Torii Ogami