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The Secret Adventures of Charlotte Brontë is the 13th published work by Laura Joh Rowland and the first entry in the Charlotte Brontë series. It was originally published on March 13, 2008 by Overlook Press.


"THE SECRET ADVENTURES OF CHARLOTTE BRONTË, by Laura Joh Rowland (author of the Sano Ichiro mystery series) is an epic, world-at-stake thriller starring the legendary 19th century author and her equally famous family. It's a tour of Victorian England from gutter to palace, featuring a hero who combines Mr. Rochester with Agent 007 and a villain whose devious schemes threaten the very fabric of the British Empire. Charlotte Brontë is plunged headlong into the sort of thrilling adventures and passionate romance she never actually experienced, but secretly craved."[1]


"To my agent, Pamela Ahearan, for her loyalty and perseverance."

Author's Note[]

Rowland clarifies what parts of her story were based on historical fact and which came from her own imagination. Charlotte, her siblings, her father, as well as several other characters are based on historical figures. Certain events discussed or depicted- such as Charlotte and Anne going to London in 1848- are also based on events that happened in history. However, the plot of Secret Adventures is pure fiction as is its antagonist.


June 1849. Charlotte Brontë sits and ponders over the events she took part in during the previous year. Despite being sworn to secracy, she can stay silent no longer. Before she begins her tale proper, she paints a portait of a mother named Beautiful Jade hiding herself and her daughters from a terrifying threat. All too soon, her home is broken into by the very people she feared. A gang of ruffians find the family, dragging the daughters out of the room before attacking Beautiful Jade. While Charlotte can only guess what Beautiful Jade felt and heard during her last moments, she does know that the aftermath of her and her daughter's murders would later ripple into Charlotte's own life some seven years later.

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Character Appearances[]


Character Deaths[]

Name Cause of Death Prologue/Chapter/Epilogue
Beautiful Jade and her daughters, Precious Jade and Pure Jade Murdered Prologue
Isabel White Murdered Chapter 4

Cover Gallery[]


  • In some copies of the book, a part of the text is missing at the bottom of page 67. The missing text is "...suburb. Its terraced Regency-era houses..."



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