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Yoriki means senior police commander.

A yoriki was an administrator of a small section of the police department. In total there were fifty yoriki in Edo. Usually they did not leave their office to go to their domain of supervision but just singed off their staff's report, preferring to keep their distance from the rough-and-tumble of everyday police work. They appeared only for very serious incidents, and then as field commanders dressed in full armor with helmet and lance.When Sano investigated a common fire, he supposed he was the first to ever do this. This was confirmed by the reaction of his superior Magistrate Ogyu.

The reputation of yoriki for vanity was well known. They usually who cared more about fashion and tradition than for their work and let their minions run their department while they left early to sport with prostitutes in the pleasure quarter. That an unqualified outsider like Sano could slip so easily into their ranks was an affront to their family and professional pride and Sano was not welcomed among their ranks.

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